Articles written by John Brière



Cumulative Trauma and Symptom Complexity in Children: A Path Analysis” (2013), Monica Hodges, Natacha Godbouta, John Brierea, Cheryl Lanktreea, Alicia Gilbertb, Nicole Taylor Kletzka


Treating Multitraumatized, Socially Marginalized Children: Results of a Naturalistic Treatment Outcome Study” (2012) Cheryl B. Lanktree, John Briere, Natacha Godbout, Monica Hodges, Karianne Chen, Laurie Trimm, Barbara Adams, Carl A. Maida, Wendy Freed

Traumatic Stress, Affect Dysregulation, and Dysfunctional Avoidance: A Structural Equation Model” (2010) John Briere, Monica Hodges, Natacha Godbout


The Trauma Symptom Checklist for Young Children (TSCYC): reliability and association with abuse exposure in a multi-site study” (2001), John Briere, Kerri Johnson, Angela Bissada, Linda Damond, Julie Crouche, Eliana Gilf, Rochelle Hansong, Vickie Ernsth


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