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Sherri Van Dijk

Sheri Van Dijk MSW, RSW

Calming the Emotional Storm: Using Dialectical Behavior Therapy to Treat Emotion Dysregulation
April 16 & 17 2020

DBT: Beyond The Basics
April 18 2020

Saint Paul University, Ottawa

Wendy Behary

Wendy Behary MSW LCSW

Disarming the Narcissist: The Art of Empathic Confrontation and Limit Setting
May 8, 2020

Saint-Paul University, Ottawa

George Faller

George Faller

Emotionally Focused Therapy: Working with Highly Escalated Couples
May 28 & 29, 2020

Saint Paul University, Ottawa

Judson Brewer

Judson A. Brewer MD, Ph.D

Hack Your Mind for Better Health
June 9, 2020

Saint Paul University, Ottawa

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