Spring Self-Care Tips

Apr 9, 2013

Spring-self-careEven though it may not feel like it, spring is officially here. Spring is always a time of renewal, transformation, growth, and celebration. What better way to welcome the warmer weather than to begin to start to care for yourself. There are many ways to move out of the cold, dark months into the brighter sunshine. Here are some of our favourite ways to do so:

Spring Cleaning

Spring is the time to clean both your physical space and your emotional space. It can be a time to let go of the things that don’t work for you anymore, like negative relationships, an unhealthy diet or bad habits. It’s also a time to physically purge your surroundings. Getting rid of old clothes, books and toys can be especially liberating.

Spring Cleansing

It could be that your body has been accumulating some unwanted baggage over the winter months as well. It’s time to put away the hearty stews and comfort foods and try some spring recipes. Fresh fruit, salads, lean meet on the bar-b-q are some of the great foods of spring. It’s time to enjoy.

Take a Nature Walk

There’s something to be said for getting out into the fresh air and sunshine to life your spirits. No more winter coats, boots and hats. Take it off and head outside. Take time to smell the blooming flowers and to enjoy the birds and animals awakening from a long winter’s nap. Don’t forget to breathe in the fresh springtime air.

Buy Yourself a Gift

Nothing gives us a mood boost like something new and now is the time to sparkle up your wardrobe with a new pair of sandals or sunglasses.

Start a New Project

Is there something you wanted to do over the winter but were too lazy to start? Now is the time to begin a new project, take an art class or plan your garden.

Begin a New Book

Since the weather is warming up, what could be better than finding a quiet spot outside to start a new book? Put away your remote, turn your phone off and enjoy the stillness of reading.

Remember Your Friends

With the warmer weather, it’s easier to get out and see old friends. Don’t forget to nurture relationships with people outside of your immediate family. Friendships are critical to our quality of life. Research shows that friendships become especially important over time because as we age, we begin to face more difficult challenges like sickness; divorce and the death of loved ones.

Remember that by taking care of yourself first, you are in a better place to take care of those around you. For tips on preventing burn-out, join us for Bill O’Hanlon as he presents Unstuck: Effectively Dealing with your Most Challenging Clients and Keeping Your Soul Alive as a Therapist.


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